Mission Statement

The Valley’s Voice for Progressives

  • Promoting human and civil rights
  • Recruiting candidates who embrace progressive values
  • Mobilizing voters to elect progressive candidates

The purpose of the CVPPAC organization is to promote the human and civil rights of all Central Valley residents. This is to be accomplished through education and action. The CVPPAC will advocate and/or lobby elected officials relative to the concerns/core values of Central Valley residents.

The CVPPAC will also recruit, endorse and support candidates for office who are committed to the concerns/core values of Central Valley residents as expressed (presented) by the CVPPAC. These concerns/core values include, but are not limited to: a living wage for all workers, clean air, public safety, affordable housing, adequate public transportation & bike paths, police accountability, improved public education, marriage equality, and health care for all.

The CVPPAC is dedicated to enhancing (improving) the participation of Central Valley residents in the election of governmental officials by sponsoring “Get Out The Vote” campaigns.